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From it's beginnings with the San Diego Fire Department, this 1942 Seagrave Fire Truck finally found it's home at The Fire Ace Fire History Museum in Lancaster, CA. Prior to it's arrival at Fire Ace, this 1942 Seagrave Fire Truck made it's way from the San Diego Fire Department to California City Fire Department, Bob Clayton (at it's forever home at 123 W Nugent St. Lancaster, CA), the Lancaster Rotary Club, Michael Singer, and back to California City Fire Department before it's final destination at Fire Ace Inc. Many individuals and local businesses had a hand in making the restoration of the truck possible. Below the gallery is a list of what each contributed to the restoration process and/or what parts of the truck they worked on.

John Vollrath: Coordinator, Visioner, and EBay Specialist.

Trevor Doggett: Master Mechanic, complete wiring, assembly, brake system, extensive research, temperature gauge, retrofit, restoration advice, and body assembly.

Mitch Allread: Master Fabrication, restoration advising, polishing, water tank, and exhaust header.

Chris Mount: Windshield install, body assembly, and general assistance.

Dianne from Best Source: Stainless hardware

Designer Graphics: Gold leaf

Superior Polishing: Top notch polishing

Rolando Cruz: Pike pole restoration and general assistance.

Jim Hobbs: General assistance.

Dylan DeCastro: Windshield install, body assembly, and general assistance.

Brian Harper: Wood bed installation, steering wheel restoration, body assembly, and electrical advice.

Luke Hetebrink: Ladder and wood restoration, sandblasting, and polishing.

Gordon Peck: Body assembly and grill repair.

Justin Prather: Polishing.

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